Dabbing Diamonds GG#4

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Diamonds & Sauce – A solventless cannabis concentrate containing CBD “Diamond” crystals suspended in a terpene solution known as “sauce”.  The CBD is first extracted from the cannabis by small solventless processors.  The CBD is then isolated or “mined” using only heat, pressure, and time. The result is a concentrate that is guaranteed effective, tastes great, and is THC free.  When combined with other cannabinoids, Diamonds & Sauce has an entourage effect that is particularly notable, even for experienced consumers.


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Dabbin’ diamonds is rad. So unique and tastey

    Posted by Alicia on Oct 14th 2020

    This stuff is so cool. I was blown away to discover these diamonds. The CBD content is outrageously high and it’s so fun to imbibe CBD this way. It’s great for when you want a toke but you still need to be focused and productive during the day. It’s also a solventless extract that just uses time, heat, and pressure to make so I feel good about it being a clean, chemical free way to get my medicine. I totally recommend